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Chris DeMars

UI Developer - Microsoft MVP - Google Developer Expert - International Speaker

Hey everyone 👋🏻. The name is Chris DeMars and I build lovely ui's. My ❤️ is in Denver, CO my life is in Detroit, MI.

I am very passionate about ui development, modular css arhictectures and design systems. I advocate for accessibility, performance, and the users. I love teaching, mentoring, and speaking at conferences around the world.

When I feel like being crafty with words I like to write about the web, check out Medium. I also have my own podcast.

If you are interested in checking out what I do, take a look at my resume or if you want a PDF, shoot me an email, cdemars86@gmailDOTcom.

Did I mention I am a co-organizer for the Ann Arbor Accessibility Group?

Find me at these places below on the interwebs.