Modern android application interfaces

In the early days of mobile app development, a lot of developers thought that skeuomorphic design was the way to go. But with time, people started using flat and minimalistic design in their app interfaces. However, nowadays we are realizing that not only is skeuomorphic design back in trend, but it is also being used Read More

Mobile application testing

Mobile application testing is a complex process that involves a number of steps to be performed for the completion of the test. The first step in mobile application testing is to prepare the device. Generally, this entails installing the necessary software and applications on the device. The second step is to prepare for app installation. Read More

Modular CSS architecture

Modular CSS architecture is the practice of breaking a style sheet into small, independent pieces. The modular architecture helps to avoid the overhead of regularly reading the entire CSS style sheet and makes it easy to find and edit individual parts of the CSS. Modular CSS architecture can be attributed as a form of DRY Read More

We design mobile application interfaces

Designing the user interface of an app requires the designer to understand how their users will be interacting with it. In design, interaction is viewed as a mutual relationship between a person and an object. The importance of the user interface can’t be emphasized enough. It plays a major role in attracting and retaining new Read More

Designing user interfaces

User interfaces are fundamental to the success of any product. It is one of the most important elements that differentiate one product from another and define the user experience. The design of a user interface has a significant effect on how people perceive it and use it, including how easily they can learn to use Read More